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Sancy - Mid/New -International Server - Serverstart: 09.12. - Mid/Newschool - International Server - Brand New Systems - High End Performance - New Dungeons
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Online since: 06.12.2022
Max. Lv: 150
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Overall grade: Very Good (1026 Reviews)

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    de tete wrote on 23.03.2023:
    Greetings, Sancy Community!

    Today, March. 20, 20:00 CET 2023, the Ramadan-Event starts and it goes until March. 31 21:00 CET, 2023!
    Rating: Very Good

    de PeakyBlender wrote on 22.03.2023:
    Awesome Server. New Event is bomb!
    Cant wait to experience future content!
    Rating: Very Good

    de Metin2 Superstar wrote on 22.03.2023:
    Greetings, Sancy Community!

    Today, March. 20, 20:00 CET 2023, the Ramadan-Event starts and it goes until March. 31 21:00 CET, 2023!
    Rating: Very Good

    de tauri wrote on 21.03.2023:
    @everyone :flag_gb: - Content-Update Part 2 -

    Hello dear Sancy Community!

    **The second part of the content update is coming soon! On February 24 14:00 CET the time has come!**
    All players have been waiting anxiously until this finally comes live and now we can finally announce it!
    In cooperation with the Sancy Team, we have succeeded in presenting it to you.
    We are looking forward to meeting many players on the release day.

    The long awaited **Farmmap Chronos** is finally here!
    On the farmmap it is possible to farm **more Yang** than ever before. There are also **new Uppitems**.
    The new farmmap also offers **new Bosses**, which also drop the corresponding attack and level pets.
    Among other things, there will also be **a new PvM as well as a new PvP biologist quest**.
    **This has a 5 hour dispensing time and requires 30 items which you have to give.**
    With the second part of the update there will also be a **new PvM - as well as PvP-Elixir**, which can be upped with the new elixir upgrade stone.
    **PvM and PvP talismans will also receive new levels**. These are now **uppable to +69** and **each receive a new bonus**.
    Random **powerful Metinstones and Bosses** spawn on the map that have **much better drop rates and yang rates.**
    There is also still the possibility to drop the Spawn Scroll+ for Metinstones as well as Kamis through normal Metinstones.

    **Alastor Equipment:**
    It is now possible to upgrade your Deskaluda weapons, armor and helmets to Alastor equipment.

    You have probably also noticed that there is the bonus **'Strong against Underworld'**.
    This is needed for the **future level 175 update**.
    There are included:
    -2 new dungeons
    -a new farmmap
    -a new levelmap
    -complete new equipment
    **This update awaits you in mid-March.**

    We would also like to let you know that we will generally simplify the previous content to give new players the opportunity to get to the 'Alastor' content faster.
    Stay tuned and keep an eye on the patch notes!

    Thank you to each and every one of you for your active support on the project!
    We want to continue to work so well with you, implement your ideas and keep up the good work!

    The Sancy team wishes you continued fun and happy farming! :heart:
    Rating: Very Good

    de Alessandro wrote on 21.03.2023:
    ja genau kranker server, läuft stabil, keine kicks,
    fehler werden prompt korrigiert, naja nicht alle,
    paar metins stehen trotz meldung immer noch im felsen ...
    die uppkosten sind auch voll krank
    die 6. bio pvp droppen im alastor,
    die 6. bio pvm droppen auf der chronos farmmap wo man aber
    nicht farmen kann wenn das eq nicht weiter als deskulada ist
    also da frag ich mich wenn mein eq fertig ist, dass ich auf
    chronos farmen kann, wozu brauch ich dann noch die bio?
    krank ist auch die dungeon blockierung man kann nicht rein,
    wenn man will erst wenn ein fenster blinkt, dass das dungeon
    wieder frei ist.
    aja ingame ist auch nicht alles erreichbar, beispiel:
    grad ist ramadan event, es gibt 7 tage kostüme, die gibt es aber
    nicht alle als permanent, dafür aber mit besseren bonis permanent,
    aber nur wenn man coins dafür zahlt. die bonis sind bei den
    sachen für coins höher als bei denen wo man ingame farmt.
    ja kranker server echt jetzt.
    Rating: Satisfactory

    de zensui wrote on 20.03.2023:
    best server!
    Rating: Very Good

    de promo69 wrote on 18.03.2023:

    best server ever!! 3 weeks online
    Rating: Very Good

    de sebi103 wrote on 17.03.2023:
    Ich habe noch nie einen Server gespielt, der so aktiv und unterstutzend war wie dieser. Ich liebe die Community und die Events!
    Rating: Very Good

    tr tutugakiller wrote on 17.03.2023:
    Ekibin yama notlarini ve yeni icerikleri yayinlama hizindan cok etkilendim. Her zaman deneyimlenecek yeni bir sey var ve bu da oyunu taze ve heyecanli tutuyor
    Rating: Very Good

    es bayramdilek wrote on 17.03.2023:
    Nunca vi um servidor que colocasse tanta enfase em conteudos actualizados como este. Ha sempre algo novo a descobrir e mantem o jogo interessante
    Rating: Very Good

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