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Immortals2-Rise of the legend

Immortals2 is a metin2 new-school server with new weapons,armours,maps,events,etc. Systems-Official Pet System, Brutality system, Offline shop,Multi-language System. Max Lv...
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Language: DEENESRO
Online since: 04.10.2015
Max. Lv: 250
Rates: 1000%
205 Votes
Category: Newschool Root
Overall grade: Good (40 Reviews)

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    TheMater wrote on 16.07.2017:
    Aboslute JOKE Hawk hasnt a clue, doesnt respect players Is Indian always wants Money Bans Players for nothing Worst ive played
    Rating: Very bad

    Yad wrote on 17.06.2017:
    the best server!
    Rating: Very Good

    mislav wrote on 07.06.2017:
    awesome server
    Rating: Very Good

    Elsa wrote on 03.06.2017:
    Honestly the best server that i've played on in a while
    Rating: Very Good

    Addic wrote on 21.05.2017:
    The best server i ever played. Really
    Rating: Satisfactory

    Jackie wrote on 21.05.2017:
    Best server with Best staff online 24 hrs and many features and events I like it
    Rating: Very Good

    Jokerrr wrote on 21.05.2017:
    I dont like the lay out in the server, And some of the staff is really bad at english + they work hard for the server, but never get a change in players its getting bored to play there. nothing much else to do than stand map1, the events is good but u find the events on other servers aswell. the layout is bad cuz it has nothing to do with metin anymore.
    Rating: Very bad

    Chris wrote on 21.05.2017:
    Very good server! Staff and owner are very helpful and answer all questions. Events are fun and different with good rewards.
    Rating: Very Good

    Mariana Yordanova wrote on 21.05.2017:
    amasing server
    Rating: Very Good

    Kugashira wrote on 08.04.2017:
    the server is good but they just need to fix their website and try and get some more people but the server and the comunity is really nice :D
    Rating: Satisfactory

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