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Step into the enchanting world of Proteus2, your go-to private Metin2 server, where PvM (Player vs. Monster) enthusiasts find their perfect haven. In Proteus2, we've carefu...
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Language: RO
Online since: 23.09.2023
Max. Lv: 120
Rates: 300%
1 Votes
Category: Middleschool Root
Overall grade: Very Good (50 Reviews)

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9 total comments. 1 - 9 on this page.

    de NamButon wrote on 27.09.2023:
    Best server ever!
    Rating: Very Good

    ro BasReflex wrote on 26.09.2023:
    Așteptăm să vedem ce se întâmplă. Momentan pot preciza ca staff-ul este activ , se implica. Jocul nu are probleme,

    Rating: Good

    gb George wrote on 26.09.2023:
    Frumos sv.!
    Rating: Very Good

    ro Giulian wrote on 26.09.2023:
    De mult îmi doream sa joc pe un asemenea server, greu mai găsești așa server frumos și pus la punct in ziua de azi și tot odată serios, felicitări!!
    Rating: Very Good

    ro Mihaitza wrote on 26.09.2023:
    Am intrat de curând pe acest server și am fost plăcut surprins de ce am găsit acolo. Este un server bine pus la punct, cu un Staff foarte prietenos și gata sa te ajute in orice situație. Recomand cu caldura acest server!
    Rating: Very Good

    ro RoNNie wrote on 26.09.2023:
    Hi guys,
    Yesterday i tried the server, still discovering some of the systems and dungeons thats accesible for my level. My first opinion about the server is that is very well build, nothing like i have seen on other servers, good number of players online, no lagging, easy in making items.
    I recommend this server with all of my heart.
    Rating: Very Good

    ro Aztegramu wrote on 25.09.2023:
    Salut, iubesc acest metin! 🤗
    Rating: Very Good

    hu Joska wrote on 25.09.2023:
    Cheapest copy of the sittiest server file u can find. Dont ever come to this piece of shit xd
    Rating: Very bad

    ro Garbo wrote on 25.09.2023:
    Recomand !! foarte fun serverul
    Rating: Very Good

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