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16.07.19Metin2Pandora  RO
Metin2 pvm hard, lvl 99 evolutii clasice ca cele din 2007. Va asteptam!!!!!
15.07.19Metin2 Skriter  ES
Bienvenidos a metin2 skriter, un servidor enfocado mas pvp que pvm, espero que disfruten
14.07.19Cataleya Mt2  DE
Cataleya ist ein Oldschool Server mit max. Level 99. #Age Of Forgotten.  RO
OldSchool ., Level 120 , Evolutie Triton->Lunara->Rinata ----> Otel->Posedata->King1-> King2
14.07.19Legacy of Warriors  EN
Maximum level 150 - Shoulder Sash System - Daily Reward System - New Mounts - New Pets - Legendary Stones - Crafting Items - ETC Come and play with us!
14.07.19LeagueOfMetin2  RO
LeagueOfMetin2 - Server Privat de Metin2
12.07.19AshtariaMt2  EN
Ashtaria will present a semi-oldstyle gameplay with a simple game created to entertain each type of player will in fact offer a solid base of simplified metin2.
11.07.19Nostalgium: Wrath of Dragons  EN
Feel the true oldschool experience with Nostalgium: Wrath of Dragons! Max. 99 lvl | OFFLINE SHOPS | SHOULDER SASH SYSTEM | DRAGON SOUL ALCHEMY | MANY MANY OTHER FEATURES | INTERNATIONAL

Last Week

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06.07.19Metin2Crazy PvM PvP lv 250 Max  RO
Armuri,otele,king1,king2,king3,king4,king5,king6,king7,Sistem Crafting King,Sistem Crafting otele,Sistem Crafting Pietre Legendar
06.07.19Nitem2 I Stelle dich dem Kampf !  DE
Old- /middleschool Server !
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