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Evion - The Foresight

Evion is an international server mixing elements of oldschool, middleschool and newschool together.
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Language: DE
Online since: 24.01.2020
Max. Lv: 120
Rates: 100%
56175 Votes
Category: Middleschool Root
Overall grade: Good (283 Reviews)

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    WarCorporal wrote on 03.04.2020:
    Actually the best international server Online! No pay to win and no full set+9 in shop!
    Rating: Very Good

    Shirinxx wrote on 02.04.2020:
    Ist mir leider zu sehr Pay 2 win und eintönig :/ hat mir leider nicht gefallen.
    Download kann man sich sparen.
    Rating: Satisfactory

    shomp wrote on 01.04.2020:
    it would be the best server if it was another SA...All you're gonna do here is spend so much time until it will wipe out for the 4st time. Corrupted, data leak, random failed ban, better make some research on their epvp forum thread. it's seriously corrupted
    Rating: Very bad

    TheRealPa1N wrote on 01.04.2020:
    Super.. the drop system the pvp system.. u must work hard to get and acceptable result ;)
    Rating: Very Good

    Iloveass wrote on 01.04.2020:
    nice server
    Rating: Very Good

    Snowflakes wrote on 30.03.2020:
    I feel ya Palloux, nobody cares about the truth anyway, metin2 players are just easy money for evion admins....
    Rating: Very bad

    Palloux wrote on 30.03.2020:
    I today tried to play the game for the first time, when I tried logging in it said my account had been bocked. I asked a GM in the discord server and I provided him with all information even gave my IP address and he told me that I had been banned a month ago for hacking an account? I have literally never played the game, all I wanted to do was try the game and he tells me I was banned a month ago when the server itself is a month old. I even showed pictures of me having installed the game today. He later decides to ban me from the discord server after asking to speak to his boss. Emberrassing staff for the record it was GM RODE. Didn't even get to create a character wtf.
    Rating: Very bad

    riku7 wrote on 27.03.2020:
    so you tried the official, spend time and money, got stuck at end game because balance suck and they dont give a shit about community? welcome there, its exactly the same but worst since there are less player, and the server admin and TM ban easier if you dare write fact and post video who show the empty end game. they claim some costume are obtainable and permanent , but there are better costume buyable only with real money, all you can do is to buy one from other player who paid (but there is almost none, so it cost like 300kk PER PIECE for 5 days, hello?) pay to win, shitty staff, their only goal is to make you least until lvl 105 then either pay with money or you stop. no wonder 1% of playerbase went to end game after two whole month of opening. Oh, and it's the thirs time they are doing this shit, open, grab easy money, close, repeat 6 month after when everybody forgot.
    Rating: Very bad

    7414 wrote on 27.03.2020:
    Nice Server
    Rating: Good

    Fero47 wrote on 26.03.2020:
    Trago2 beste Server seit gestern den 25.03 online Pvp und pvm perfekt gemacht in pvp Waffen gehen Fks als boni rein , ist ein middleschool Server !
    Rating: Bad

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