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Origins2 Global, an international PvM Medium server with max level 105 and new dungeons.Join us and discover a truly captivating server!
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Online since: 01.11.2019
Max. Lv: 120
Rates: 100%
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Category: Middleschool Root
Overall grade: Acceptable (1295 Reviews)

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    de yo wrote on 02.12.2023:
    played this server 2 years ago for 1 year and it was a lot of fun... unfortunately the server is almost dead now. They started up a second one that has a huge player base rn like 8-10k ppl are online at the same time but its more oldschool instead of middleschool like the original one. Doesnt make as much fun as before imo
    Rating: Acceptable

    gr SilverFang_sv2 wrote on 16.09.2023:
    its a good server ,not pay to win , with a little bit of farm you can buy a lot of the stuff you need and also they have very detailed guides and wiki to help you in every stage
    Rating: Very Good

    pt darom wrote on 04.01.2023:
    Good server
    Rating: Very Good

    pl nodejsorg1 wrote on 27.07.2022:
    Rating: Very Good

    mugumugurugu wrote on 10.06.2022:
    Rating: Very Good

    leno wrote on 21.05.2022:
    MonyRuels spieler darf zeit hack benuzten f+r die runs und er darf auch die sachen in echt geld verkaufen
    Rating: Very bad

    Laur23 wrote on 21.04.2022:
    Forta tati
    Rating: Very bad

    Lela wrote on 03.04.2022:
    Server good Staff NoGooD and server comming to sleep and in new time this server come with another name Attention players!!!:D
    Rating: Satisfactory

    Anonimus wrote on 07.03.2022:
    Acest server a avut toată gloria din lume p�nă c�nd personalul s-a g�ndit să dea ban de aici p�nă acolo! foarte multi jucatori intr-un timp foarte scurt si am ajuns intr-o criza in care jucatorii nu mai au dorinta de a juca acest server NICIODATA !!!!nu incercati serv pt ca e ca si cand ai pescuii la polul nord dar nu ai cu ce sa faci gaura in gheata!!!
    Rating: Very Good

    Same wrote on 03.03.2022:
    Schmutz Server, Team ist ja mal absolut unf�hig & bannt aus gr�nden wo man nur lachen kann. Weil man " zu viel diskutiert" ehre. Nur Rum�nen und T�rken auf dem Server die meisten k�nnen kein englisch. 6-
    Rating: Very bad

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