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Metin2007 - Original Metin2 Experience | Oldschool pvm hard experience, no new content, before the grotto experience. A very few systems to combine oldschool vibe & quality of life!
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Online since: 06.02.2022
Max. Lv: 99
Rates: 3%
573 Votes
Category: Oldschool Root
Overall grade: Very Good (77 Reviews)

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    Karol Szut wrote on 01.05.2022:
    Remember me old times. Very good
    Rating: Very Good

    Meow wrote on 18.04.2022:
    BetterThanYou why don't you tell people that you leave a bad review after got banned for cheating?
    Rating: Very Good

    BetterThanYouAtMetin wrote on 09.04.2022:
    "Original metin2 2007 experience" Ahhh yes, the classic metin2 experience where a lvl 5 shaman fan or bell does more damage than a lvl 15 2hand warrior sword, classic.

    I'm not completely against changes in metin2 servers, but don't go around claiming it's an original experience server ffs.
    Rating: Very bad

    Jago wrote on 03.04.2022:
    Owner is greedy,nobody is fixing the bugs and they ban players on discord for telling the truth.
    Rating: Very bad

    BolekDGR wrote on 01.04.2022:
    Very good old school serwer
    Rating: Very Good

    Littl3 wrote on 30.03.2022:
    super ptr old
    Rating: Very Good

    FreaqqShow wrote on 28.03.2022:
    It's fun the first 1 or 2 weeks but when you progress in the game you are stuck because of too many bugs and things not working.
    The team doesn't respond to suggestions and bug reports or takes 2 weeks to do so.
    Nothing happens but instead they make OX event with wrong answers and bug like you stand on the correct answer together with all other players but you get kicked because there are hundred bugs on the server.
    And don't start with the higher BOSSes like Nine Tails, Flame King, etc. you can only kill them with lv. 70+ and a big group. Ah and shamans are just as good in pvm as mental warriors because they got a big push but other classes didn't.

    If you critizise the team you get banned from the discord and when you invest time to write down bugs and suggestions in the forum it get's ignored.
    Rating: Bad

    Lau wrote on 23.03.2022:
    Nice hard sv
    Rating: Very Good

    pawcio wrote on 22.03.2022:
    we are feeling old times at this server as well... reccomend
    Rating: Very Good

    Seedy wrote on 19.03.2022:
    Try it! u will not regret :)
    Rating: Very Good

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