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Old Metin2 is a server untouched by changes, it strives to give you the best authentic Metin2 experience.
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Online since: 11.01.2023
Max. Lv: 99
Rates: 3%
2042 Votes
Category: Oldschool Root
Overall grade: Good (309 Reviews)

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168 total comments. 1 - 10 on this page.

    ch Marmo wrote on 15.09.2023:
    Very good Server.
    Not many players, but GM cares a lot.
    Serverfusion just happened without problems.

    Super oldschool 2008 vibes. Lets goo

    No crap like alchemy ect. No G skills in 1 month No full P skills in even 1 year of grinding. Long PLaytime guaranteed
    Rating: Very Good

    tr Swind wrote on 07.08.2023:
    Very nice server. If you want to experience the old times again, this server is for you.
    Rating: Very Good

    ch Naoki wrote on 07.08.2023:
    Very good server I love this oldschool feeling. server admin looks good to the players. love it
    Rating: Very Good

    ro Good wrote on 19.06.2023:
    Good server
    Rating: Very Good

    ro mistocar wrote on 06.06.2023:
    foarte bun sv, recomand
    ma INSIDIOUS ce iti place sa mananci cacat ca nici macar nu joci pe server
    INSIDOUS is a shit talker since he doesn't play on this server, i do and i can recommend it!
    Rating: Very Good

    ro INSIDOUS wrote on 04.06.2023:
    trash server and trash owner
    Rating: Very bad

    ve Venus wrote on 02.05.2023:
    Servidor que promete. Para jugadores pro players. Esfuerzo y dedicaci�n. Para alcanzar grandes objetivos. Disfruta de Oldmetin2. Eventos. Expe. Yang. Drop objetos. Cofres luz luna. Ox y m�s
    Rating: Very Good

    tr Atakan wrote on 26.04.2023:
    It's the greatest private server you an find. It's original one that is untouched.
    Rating: Very Good

    ve Rompeanox wrote on 22.04.2023:
    Server old cl�sico. Que revive la experiencia de lo bueno . Esto si es un desaf�o no apto para ni�os que les gusta todo f�cil. Y no noobs. Solo pro players
    Rating: Very Good

    ro OrezCuLapte wrote on 21.04.2023:
    foarte frumos serverul, recomand
    Rating: Very Good

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