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Metin2 Oldschool P Server | 1 Year Online | High Quality Content | Maximal Level 99 | PvP / PvM balanced Classes | Huge Economy | Modern Features and Quality of Life | Comp...
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Online since: 20.07.2023
Max. Lv: 99
Rates: 50%
31352 Votes
Category: Oldschool Root
Discord: Discord
Overall grade: Very Good (3984 Reviews)

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    gr Korra wrote on 23.04.2024:
    it feels like its 2012
    Rating: Very Good

    de Dennis wrote on 23.04.2024:
    Ich bin schwul
    Rating: Very Good

    de StenZ wrote on 22.04.2024:
    Witzig wie alle nach der Bannwelle heulen hahaha
    Rating: Very Good

    tr Mojarad wrote on 22.04.2024:
    I was very happy with the server. It has a nice balance of difficulty. Then the management banned nearly all Turkish players from the server, commenting "it is known that Turks use bots and sell yang." This is a very biased and racist comment. If a player use bot or sell yangs, he/she should be banned. This cannot be an entire nation's fault. Even tough I wasn't banned, I won't be playing anymore.
    Rating: Good

    ge CrazyGuy wrote on 22.04.2024:
    Wow really good server, huge respect for that
    Rating: Very Good

    gr Lykoss wrote on 21.04.2024:
    The server itself is good overall but the people behind the game are incompetent. GMs logging off mid through conversation while you're trynna solve a problem then telling you to go and do a ticket. And for some reason 4 of my tickets just got insta closed my another incompetent GM. Really bad management. Also GMs are giving items to specific people..
    Rating: Bad

    tr TrashAdmins wrote on 21.04.2024:
    Content is alright but server is run by racist, incompetent kids. Not recommended unless you want to be randomly banned on the whims of power tripping 12 year olds.
    Rating: Bad

    gr LikeAG6 wrote on 21.04.2024:
    banning ppl for no reason,not answering tickets kicking from discord zero explanations!this server just waste your time,many ppl buying yang outside of game and seeling ridiculus items with prices in heaven
    Rating: Very bad

    tr TedeX wrote on 21.04.2024:
    Racist admins, don't know what and how to do. They're trying to block some countries but couldn't manage it
    Rating: Very bad

    de banngrund wrote on 21.04.2024:
    ein grund für das bannen:
    „Ich wurde grundlos gebannt“ 😂😂 ich packs nicht
    ist pricetrolling dieses random eine 0 mehr
    Ja. Anstatt kk, KKK eingegeben"

    hmmm weiß grad nicht was ich dazu sagen soll
    da werden wohl spieler die items teuer verkaufen wollen gleich gebannt
    seit wann werden den spielern vorschriften gemacht zu welchem preis sie ihre sachen verkaufen wollen?

    also wenn ich einen artikel zu einem wucherpreis im shop seh, dann kauf ich ihn halt nicht.
    ist doch sicher jeder in der lage, die nullen selber zu zählen.
    spieler aus so einem grund gleich zu bannen, ... ich bin sprachlos.
    Rating: Very bad

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